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Penawar Hitam. Have you ever seen a living black tree? “”””Penawar Hitam”””” or black gold is a naturally growing blackwood. Ninja-like introverted, black gold hidden, it is hidden in his tree, the inner center, once the exit, will drive the black witchcraft and evil spirits in the distance outer. The whereabouts of black gold come out of hand. I do not know even if cut down the whole forest, it is hard to find its trace. Only the aboriginal sense of its mysterious energy. Only to explore it. Black gold, trees in the tree, drawing centuries sun and moon essence. Once its out, only with a destined person.
1. Block Black Magic.
2. Evil Eliminate Disaster.
3. Enhance Lucky House.
4. Attract Wealth.
5. Enhance mental strength.

你可曾见过活生生的黑树? Penawar Hitam 或黑金刚却是自然生长的黑木。 如忍者般的内敛。 黑金深藏不露。 它隐藏在它树的内中央。 一旦出关, 必驱赶黑巫术及邪灵与千里之外。 黑金的行踪神出鬼没。 不知者即使砍到整座森林, 也难觅其踪。 唯有原住民感于它的神秘能量。 方能发掘它。 黑金, 树中树。 吸取百年日月精华。 一旦重见天日, 只见有缘人。
1. 挡黑巫术。
2. 辟邪消灾。
3. 镇宅旺屋
4. 招财进宝。
5. 提升精神力量。

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