Most websites use cookies. This cookie policy describes what are cookies, why and how we use cookie, how will our third-party partner may use cookie, and your choices about cookie.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that can be kept on your web browser or your computer. They are a packet of data that your computer receives and then send back without changing it. In other words, a website will send the cookie to your computer whenever you visit a website.

Read this for more general information on cookie.

Why Do We Use Cookie?

We use cookie to better understand our website visitors. For one, we use cookie to recognize you (as returning website visitors) and your preference (keep your product comparison’s history, enable you to write reviews and etc.). For another, we use cookie measure how you use the website so that we can customize the most suitable and relevant content provided by SG Lobang Club Planet to meet your interest. The main purpose of doing so is to help us in providing you with a better user experience whenever you surf our website, which will, in turn, also allow us to improve our website.

How We Use Cookies

  • Session management
    • Management of the signup process and general administration
      We use cookies to remember you when you log in. This will keep you logged in when you navigate between pages.
    • e-commerce and newsletter subscription
      Your order will be remembered even if you browse between pages. Our website offers newsletter or email subscription services. Cookies are used to remember if you have already registered or subscribed. Cookies are also very useful in remembering who has already taken part in our user surveys and questionnaires.Session cookies expire when you log out.
  • Functionality cookiesThis cookie will help us to recognise old faces. This is important as it helps us to personalise your user experience at our website.
  • Targeting cookies This helps us to remember your interest and preferences. We use WordPress cookies to help you navigate between web pages easily and effortlessly. We also use Sucuri cookies to improve website’s safety feature and stability.

Third Party Cookies

We use third-party cookies to improve user experience. As a seller, it is imperative for us to understand our web traffic with the help of web traffic analysis services. This does not only help us to keep track of our web traffic, but also helps us to make better business predictions.

  1. Google AdSense service uses a DoubleClick cookie to display ads that are more relevant across the web and control how often it will display to the browser.You may read more about Google AdSense here.
  2. We use third-party solutions (and plugins) that might collect your cookie information – this includes cookies gathered by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for the purpose of content sharing and gaining authorization to our user reviews system. You may refer to their cookie policy on their official websites:
  3. We use Google Analytics to understand the user’s behavior (their browsing pattern and preferences) and web traffic (who visited our website and how many visited us). For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please see official Google Analytics page.We also use third party analytics to gauge usage of this site where the cookies will tell us information like how long you spend on the site or pages you visit, which will, in turn, help us to website visitors better.
  4. We use adverts, the behavioral advertising cookies, to make sure that we build up a better idea of what type of adverts might interest you by understanding your preferences.

Can you disable cookies?

Yes, you can opt out or delete cookies. You can disable cookies by adjusting the browser settings. As such, you are given the control to decide whether you want to enable cookie or turn them off. Please note that such deletion might affect certain functionality and features on the website that you visit.

You may also opt out of interest-based ads in Google by updating your Ads Settings at , or by visiting Google Analytics’ currently available opt-outs for the web.

If you are looking for more information about cookie or you have any concerns about cookie, feel free to email us at