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Kayu Menang. Winning Wood is well known as Winning Wood, the name come from this wood living environment is a bit special, it is said that Winwood is grown in water. It grows around withered plants, and it can withstand the impact of water flow without skewing.
1. Good Luck.
2. Evil Eliminate Disaster.
3. Fortune.
4. Attract Wealth.
5. Enhance Lucky.

赢木 (发财木)。 赢木被称为赢木是此木的生活环境有点特别。 据说赢木是生长在水中。它生长的周围都是枯萎的植物。而且它能耐住被水流冲击而不歪斜等。
1. 带好运。
2. 辟邪消灾。
3. 横财运。
4. 招财进宝。
5. 提升运气。

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