Therahertz Necklace




📌📌 太赫兹项链!!📌📌


针对疼痛特别有效。 戴在颈项..特别收益的身体部分应该就是肩旁部分,手臂!





Price : SGD23/- 一串
Approx: 45cm

或 Whatsapp to 👌🏻😄 94574732

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📌📌 Terahertz necklace! !! 📌📌

Shiny real 💯 …. easy to match clothes!

Particularly effective against pain. Wear it on the neck .. The body part with special benefits should be the shoulder part, the arm!

Terahertz can help accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, removing harmful substances from the body. Promote blood circulation and reduce soreness. .

Many customers have reported that this bracelet works really well.

Many crystals are not recommended for sleeping, but terahertz can!

Not much stock because many customers have already booked ..

Price: SGD23 /-a bunch
Approx : 45cm

Customers who need bracelets,
please PM or Whatsapp to 👌🏻😄 94574732
Your name/hp/what item name/how many PC’s/your address to mail, free postage if normal mail/ paynow or paylah to 94574732 with the statement



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