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Monarchy. Raja Kayu or King of all woods. Command its supreme power in the deep interior jungle of South East Asia. It’s possess mystical power both for physical, spiritual healings. Degrading in human moral values and conduct have induced all kinds of evil forces and energies prevailling in the envinronment we live today. We will need the magical woods for self-protection in our concrete jungle prevailling with all kinds of evil and negative enrgies. According to the native, Raja Kayu has the following magical properties and application.
1. Ward off negative and dark energies.
2. Possess positive energry and expel negative forces.
3. Attract majestick luck in things we do.
4. Attract business, fortune and happiness.
5. Install confidence and courage.

帝王木。 树王乃森林之尊, 众树之王。 森林终日难见阳光, 阴气沉沉。 是邪林聚集的温床。 树王的威力无比, 是原住民在森林必备的护身符及辟邪物。 世风日下, 物欲横流, 人心险恶, 当今我们所处的钢骨水泥森林邪气丛生,稍微不小心,容易撞邪惹祸上身。因此,我们也需要一些自然神奇的辟邪物保护自己。
1. 辟邪挡煞。
2. 镇宅旺屋, 疏解负能量。
3. 提升运气。
4. 招财进宝。

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