Golden Eye Patch



Golden Eye Patch] Recommended Usage:
🎉 4 years old, once a day ~ protect the eyes, prevent short slighted/myopia.
🎉 Dry eye and eye fatigue: will see effects immediately after one patch. Any time when your eyes feel uncomfortable just use the eye patch.
🎉 Pseudo-myopia: 2 times a day, continue using for 3 months, then it will go back to normal.
🎉 Short slighted / myopia: 3 times a day, continue using for 3 months, depends on individual reaction towards the eye patch.
🎉 Dry eye disease, floater, teary eyes: 3 times a day. After a month will have a significant improvement.
🎉 Cataract, presbyopia, glaucoma, vitreous opacity, macular degeneration, etc.: 3 times a day, continue using for 3 months, significantly improved or returned to normal!
When you are using the eye patch, please pay attention to the degree of your eyesight.
Eat more green vegetables and take food that is good for eyes e.g. food which is high in beta carotene, drink chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea.
“零售1 小盒 1 small box with 10 pkt 10 pairs 新币 $18
家庭小配套 10盒 10 small box with 100 pairs 新币 $100
normal postage $1.00
smart pac $3.80
Meet up to be arrange. prefer Bukit Panjang Area only.


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