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Gemunggal. Gemunggal, often referred to as the weight of the tree pulp, alias Kelor or Kilo Tree Marrow. Hold high energy, Gemunggal can expel negative energy, but also for people bring good luck. From the Himalays, gemunggal, ancient timessince the world has been as a rare wood. In addition to evil and disaster elimination, fortune and treasure, Colombian often used in traditional medicine, it can also remove the food and poison bitten by toxins. Within the toxins, in addition to the demos, Gemunggal Columbia has protector know as the King.
1. Self Confidence.
2. Detoxification from insect.
3. Drive away Black Magic.
4. Protection.
5. Block poison insect.

哥木哥。 哥木哥, 常被称为重量级数髓, 别名Kelor或Kilo树髓。持有高能量,哥木哥能驱逐负能量,也可为人们带来好运气。源于喜马拉雅山脉,哥木哥自古以来被世人当为稀有之木。除了辟邪消灾,招财进宝,哥木格常被广泛用于传统医疗,它也能拔除食物中及毒虫所咬伤的毒素。内拔毒素,外除邪魔,哥木哥有全方位护主大王之称。
1. 提升信心面对竞争。
2. 排出动物与害虫所致伤的毒素。
3. 驱魔赶邪, 破恶毒法。
4. 保护自身的安危。

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