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Mask Donation Project

Mask Donation Project


Hi Friends,
The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected many people in our society.
This Initiative is from a few volunteers who would like to extend their help to the society in this difficult time, especially to the needy families and elderly people who live alone.

We conduct this Donation drive to supply high quality 3-ply surgical face masks to the Fei Yue Community Service & Senior Activity Centres, who are taking care of lower income elderly and needy families.

All donors to Fei Yue are able to enjoy 250% tax rebate *with minimum of $10 donation* + Fei Yue can get a matching grant for the amount donated.

The donation drive will start on 17 April and end on 30 April 2020. Extended to 30 May 2020.

To find out more about Fei Yue, go to :
Fei Yue
Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre, a not-for-profit voluntary welfare organisation.

You may send your donation to


Select “elderly” on the website
Then indicate your HP number, quote *MASKS* and no of boxes in the Bank App reference field when donating. Choose under *Elderly*
Eg. 98765432-MASKS10

The donation drive will be from 17 April to 30 April 2020

To find out more about Fei Yue, visit : Fei Yue
Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre, a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation.

Please WhatsApp to 94574732 should you have any queries. Please send your payment details for verification. Thanks.

5 Fei Yue centres that urgently need masks :
Senja – 200 box
Teck Whye – 200 boxes
Limbang – 200 boxes
Limbang Green – 200 boxes
Sunshine Court – 200 boxes

If response is overwhelming we will donate the additional boxes to the other Fei Yue centres in Singapore.

Let’s do our little bit to help, do share this with all your contacts.

Thanks 😊🙏🏻❤️