House Rule

House Rule in SG Lobang Club


Please fill up this form. If you want to be a part of business directory sg lobang club. Will advise you later to upload your logo, profile photo and company’s product and services photo, once the portal ready. Thanks.

Welcome to Sg Lobang Club. Share your idea with Lobang Queen BoBo Tan.
You may share your lobang, including business, services, products, or shopping tips. Avoid spam. Photos 5pcs in one post.
Please report if there is unnecessary post or irrelevant post. Thanks.
We help each other in a harmony way in this club. Send a smile or a greeting to your friend now! We believe friends before business!
Looking for business partnership and investment to build up my
Sg Lobang Club Group. Send me a message if you are the one!
We are running a trial now. There may be a fee for the members in the future. To be informed.
Anyone who wish to leverage sglobangclub platform, to sell, to recruit, to run any event, do approach BoBo to discuss the term and condition of collaboration. Thanks.


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House Rules for Sg Lobang Club Group Chat. 

Hi, welcome our new friend! Please intro your name and share with us what you do in your business? Please read the info and house rules in thanks. Avoid chatting in between 12am to 8am. No more than 5pcs photos post at one time in this chat group. Avoid fighting! Be respect! Be harmony. Https:// Please fill up this form, business directory sg lobang club. We will remove you without prior notice. if found any of you who cross the red line. Thanks. Best Regards, BoBo Tan, aka Lobang Queen.

SG Lobang Club welcome anyone who want to promote your business services, product or courses, and willing to give token to SGLobangClub if any deal. It will be a win win situation. Some friends here already partner with us. If you think you come in to take and give, contact me to discuss. If you think you just come in and take, then you may only take 1 time. That’s it. We work for long term. We see far rather than want to take advantage of people.


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