Posted October 12, 2017 at 8:21 am by Sean Lim

Are you working hard for your money. or is your money to work hard for you?

I work bloody hard for my money. Wake up early, get ready for work, commute to and from work, not to mention the actual work. And the efforts involved for and during the process of earning this money also do take their toll on the time spent away from work. All this energy and time spent on this endeavor does not make me special in any way. Most of you are like me. We toil a lot to enjoy the fruits of our labors. But what is your money doing while you are working so hard for it?
This is how I like to think about my money. And my attitude towards money has changed since I started thinking about it this way.
Just like I have a job, my money has a job too. Being an engineer, I don’t have to dress up too formally for work on most days, but my money does have a job that requires it to dress up in a suit on all working days. Imagine a currency note in a tie if it helps. I leave for work at 7 am but I have an hour’s commute. My money is lucky that way. It hardly has a commute, but it has to reach office by 8:15 am. I work hard all day, so does my money. I have good days and tough days at work, and so does my money. On good days at work, we both think that ours are the easiest and the best jobs in the world. On days like this, my money gets rewarded for its efforts and makes lots of new friends. On tough days, my money works equally hard and does try its best, but well, what can you do. Nobody said it would be easy. I reach home from work at 6 pm while my money reaches home at 3:30 pm. Hardly any commute for the money, like I said. I get paid monthly but my money can track the results of its efforts everyday. It has a volatile job, you see.

But not all of my money has the same job. Some of my money has altogether a different job. A dull boring 24 hour job. This guy has a different mindset. Works less hard but it likes to get a steady income. Doesn’t like surprises or volatility too much. Slow and steady is its mantra.

I am sure you readers have guessed it by now. The second job, the dull boring 9 to 5 job is that part of my savings that are invested in debt funds or fixed assets. Slowly but steadily accumulating interest. And for the little of my savings that are there in the checking account, I like to imagine them as my money resting in the shade in a hammock. The bloody bugger is resting all day while I am working hard for it!

Whether its the stock market or debt funds or fixed asset classes, the point is my money is working for me. The ultimate aim is make your money work for you!!!

And the day my money starts earning more money for me than I myself do, is the day that I will stop working for money. This is the ultimate goal of making your money work for you. So, how hard is your money working for you?

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