Posted January 30, 2019 at 9:05 pm by cantiquesg

What is Cantique?

C’antique is an art store, representing talented established and emerging artist from Indonesia.
We provide an opportunity for collectors, trade professionals, as well as new art buyers to easily browse our art collection and get more benefit from us.

The Benefit of Buying Art from us.

1. Original art from Indonesia.

2. We ensure you the art that comes from our store is original from Indonesia and have the taste of Indonesian culture.

3. Handmade that created by an Indonesian artist.
All the art are crafted by talented Indonesia artist with care and love.

4. Official C’antique Certificate of authenticity.
All art in our collection has been carefully curated by our art advisory team and given a certificate to meet C’antiques standard.

5. C’antique Gift Program.
An appreciation program that is given to the C’antique art collection. This program will be held every week. Not only the artist who gets the benefit but the one who poses the art also will get it.
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6. 100% Buyback Program*.
If you feel like to change the art, you may return the art to us and we will buy it back from you a year after you purchased the art from us.
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