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Dear Business Owners,

With the current covid circuit breaker lock down situation and MOM have enhanced Work-Life Grant (COVID-19 enhancements). It aims to incentivise companies to sustain the use of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) for all employees, to create work-life harmony at the workplace

The Work-Life Grant comprises 2 components:
FWA Incentive
Incentivise companies to sustain implementation of FWAs for their local employees.

Job Sharing Incentive
Incentivise employers to implement job sharing for employees at PMET-level with gross monthly salary of at least $3,600, before job sharing arrangement.
The maximum claim amount for WLG FI remains at $70,000 per company (i.e. $2,000 per employee, up to 35 employees).
Given the COVID-19 situation and MOM’s intent to encourage companies to offer work-from-home and staggered hours arrangements beyond periods where it is mandatory to do so, an enhanced WLG criteria is available for companies to apply for expedited support.
Companies will be eligible to receive the FWA Incentive if the employee (Singapore citizen or PR) adopts work-from-home arrangements daily for at least one month.
If work-from-home cannot be practiced, staggered hours work arrangements would be eligible for FWA Incentive.
This enhanced criteria is only valid during periods where companies are not mandated to offer work-from-home and staggered-hours arrangements (e.g. after period of circuit breaker measures). Applications for the enhanced criteria will be open from 20 Apr 2020.
With this , we have the right teleconference software and hardware for this grant .
If I can be of assistance to the above 2 fundings , please do not hesitate to contact me 🌻

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