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SHARP Singapore’s First Very Own Facebook Live will Introduce Health and Wellness Products

SHARP electronics, as one of the pioneer electronics brands with 109 years of history, will be hosting its first Facebook Live this Wednesday (30 June), 730pm on Sharp Singapore Facebook page. This time, they will not be introducing home appliances, but instead exclusive health and wellness products including its latest Japan-made products including Plasmacluster scalp massager, anti-fog face shield and Tekion cooling bag.

All these products will be introduced in depth, with special deals at up 50% OFF during the Facebook Live. Interested viewers, do stay tuned as the offers will only be available during the session. Do not miss it!

SHARP Plasmacluster Scalp Massager – IB-JZ5KT-N

  • Keep the scalp moisturized with Plasmacluster ions
  • For 5 minutes a day, use SHARP’s automatic sterilizing ion scalp massager to maintain the scape and push the hair away by “scraping”, and fully deliver the Plasmacluster positive and negative ions to the scalp to improve the scalp environment.
  • Excess sebum removal around the pores for heathier scalp
  • Rechargeable cordless design
  • Usual Price: $239 per unit

SHARP Tekion Cooling Bag – CQ-SS92T-A (made in Japan)

  • Technology cooler bag, enjoy -2oc coolness
  • Modern and stylist drinking
    • SHARP has cultivated the cold storage technology by accumulating the characteristics of liquid crystals for many years, which can be used at -24oc to 28o The specific temperature zone keeps the beverage at the optimal temperature through the physical properties produced during the melting process. SHARP calls it “TEKION” to be temperate, and adapt to the optimum temperature storage technology.
  • Temperature will be below zero for 2 hours
  • Usual Price: $89 per unit

SHARP Anti-Fog Face Shield – FG-F10M (Made in Japan)

  • Designed to reduce reflection / fog & achieves super clear view with SHARP’s special film processing technology from LCD panels technology in Japan
  • Significantly reduces the reflection of light such as sunlight
  • Prevents fogging between conversations
  • High transparency
  • Usual Price: $69 per unit


SHARP Facebook Live

Date: 30 June 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 730pm to 8pm

Live on:

On map

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