Posted May 18, 2020 at 12:33 pm by Bobo Tan

PSLE workshop Maths

2 Days PSLE Must Know Problem Solving Workshop
25 and 29 May
10am to 12Noon

Are you struggling to help your child achieve the A’s he/she should be getting during their mathematics examination?

If the answer is yes…

Let me ask you a question:

What if I could guide your child through a step-by-step process to solve their mathematics questions with confidence? In just 2 days from the comforts of home.

Take control of your child’s examination results NOW!!!

With $59, your child will able to
1. learn more than 10 problem solving strategy to solve challenging word problems.
2. access to softcopy strategy notes with additional questions for your child to practice during the lesson.

We are only accepting 15 students per level.

WhatsApp to 94574732 to rsvp.
Name/hp/child’s level


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