Posted November 16, 2021 at 8:53 pm by rogerteo76

One way to curb inflation and cover your borrowed bank interest

Hi business owner and investor,

We are into the secured debt financing business and are offering our passive investors a fixed interest income of 8-10% per annum. Short tenure 8-12 months only.

For the business owners: By putting some of your extra fund with us,  you will earn this 8-10% p.a interest where you can use it to cover, for example, your TBL(2.4-5%p.a), working loan(3.5-5%p.a), business term loan(7-12%p.a), equipment & machinery loan(1.8-2.5%p.a), or even commercial property loan(1.8-2.5%p.a). Does it make sense? Please call/WhatsApp Roger Teo at 84886736 for a non-obligatory Zoom appointment/face-to-face discussion.

For pure investors looking for a business to invest in:  We have many years of good track records. We have been supporting many Singapore SMEs and social enterprises in emerging markets.  We are a multi-diversifying company expanding our global footprints in the global market. You may consider putting your fund with us.

If you are keen to know about our company, its financing model, how your investment can generate a steady passive stream of income 8-10% per annum, and how you can participate, please call/WhatsApp Roger Teo at 84886736 for a non-obligatory Zoom appointment/ face to face discussion.