Posted April 14, 2021 at 9:11 am by BC1234

mc.2 Launches New Generation Smart Awnings with the Industry’s First Self-Cleaning Technology and Smart Functions for Fuss-Free Maintenance and Maximum Convenience

– It is completely waterproof, with high colorfastness and strong protection from UV rays, suitable for backyard, car porch etc.

Awnings serve as more than just protection from rain and shine. Carefully placed ones set the mood of the place with clever play of light and space. Whether at work or at home, awnings provide the finishing touch to outdoor spaces for aesthetics with functionality. However, maintenance of awnings is always a pain for many homeowners. Old and dirty looking awnings will damage the overall look of the home.

Worry not about extra cleaning and care of awnings with mc.2’s new generation smart awnings. These smart awnings are able to self-clean while offering full UV protection, rain sensor, high colourfastness, complete waterproofing, and more for permanent outdoor installations that are easy to care for as they are well-designed.

Self-cleaning and waterproof

mc.2’s latest smart awnings self-clean by means of a colourless PERMACLEAN coating impressed upon its fabric that also renders it waterproof. The coating is made of nano-particles that bead up water that falls upon it and promptly rolls right off the surface, washing away dirt particles along with it. Cleaning also becomes super convenient as all you need is to spray water at it and it washes away all dirt by the same nano-particle technology.

Smart rain sensor function with wireless control

Discreetly installed rain sensor motors allow mc.2’s awnings to automatically extend when it starts to rain and retract when the rain stops. The sensors pick up on rain droplets on a small screen surface and activates the corresponding roll-out or roll-in for well-timed protection from rain or shine, every time. The awnings are also powered by a smart Somfy motor function that makes it easily controlled with a smart phone app or a wireless control unit.


Breathe new life into your outdoor spaces with mc.2’s awnings which will now maximize time spent on outdoor terraces and more. Made from UV-resistant acrylic resin, it ensures UV and anti-fungal protection, all year round, rain or shine. It also blocks out heat so it will keep temperatures down by cutting down on Greenhouse effect of indoor spaces, especially in Singapore’s sunny weather.


About mc.2

mc.2 has been in the consumer retail business for more than 20 years, providing smart solutions to all its customers. It sets itself aside from its competitors by delivering not just products, but a full suite of solutions to its customers.

mc.2 prides itself on offering end-to-end service to its customers. With a factory in place, mc.2 has the capabilities to manage its own research and development for products such as retractable outdoor blinds. mc.2 sells directly to its customers, and handles the installation process as well, for quality assurance.

Its business portfolio now covers window solutions, balcony solutions, wall solutions, flooring solutions, and audio solutions. The brands that mc.2 carry include Agena, Alessandro Bini, ALTEX, Hunter Douglas, igloohome, Jean Paul Gaultier, Nice, Larsen, Ohmm Furniture, Renson, Samsung, SecureZIP, Somfy, Sonos, SQUID, TOSO Japan, and Wood Couture.