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Marine Sea Salt


What is marine sea salt?
Sea salt is a type of salt that comes from the evaporation of seawater. The taste, texture, and processing are what makes sea salt different from table salt.
Sea salt is typically not processed or minimally processed since it comes directly through the evaporation of seawater, according to the American Heart Association.
Because of minimal processing, sea salt has various trace minerals such as:
* magnesium
* calcium
* zinc
* iron
* potassium

Marine sea salt is said to be of the highest quality and is best for therapeutic use such as:
* relaxation
* easing sore muscles
* providing relief for certain skin conditions

Benefits of a sea salt bath
If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress, ease achy muscles, and treat irritated skin, you may want to consider taking a sea salt bath.
While soaking in a tub, in general, is a nice way to pamper yourself after a hard day, adding sea salts is said to also extend the benefits to your skin, muscles, and joints.
Beneficial for rheumatic diseases
According to a systematic review published in the journal Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, sea salt baths have been found to be beneficial in treating rheumatic diseases, including:
* rheumatoid arthritis
* psoriatic arthritis
* ankylosing spondylitis
* knee osteoarthritis

Good for your skin
Your skin, which is your body’s largest organ, will also thank you for indulging in a sea salt bath.
“Board-certified dermatologists are recommending sea salt baths for patients with psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin conditions,” explains Dr. Sapna Palep, a board-certified dermatologist at Spring Street Dermatology.
This comes as no surprise, especially when you consider that sea salt baths can help calm the symptoms of certain skin conditions.
“Salt baths can help remove scales and decrease the bothersome itching caused by psoriasis,” explains board-certified dermatopathologist, Dr. Gretchen Frieling.

Relieves achy muscles and stimulates circulation
Other benefits of taking a sea salt bath are said to include:
* stimulating circulation
* easing muscle cramps
* helping to relieve stiffness in joints
* soothing achy, overworked legs and feet

Taking a sea salt bath not only helps you relax, but it can also:
* ease achy muscles and joints
* stimulate circulation
* calm irritated skin
Soaking in a sea salt bath before bed can also promote better sleep.

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