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Manjushri Jiugong Bagua lucky pendant

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The Year of the Yang Earth Dog can be tiring for certain animal signs as their life force and spirit essence will be low. This pendant features a life force producing chakra that will increase energy levels and help you make the most of the good stars in your chart.

The pendant consists of three zones with the outermost contains the twelve Animals zodiac from Han culture and eight Auspicious treasure from Tibetan culture ; next layer comes with Om Mani Padme Hum mantra and Later Heaven Bagua; finally the centre piece – the Manjushri mantra
It’s easy to gain blessings when you have a Manjushri JiuGong Bagua Six Words Mantra Zodiac Pendant. Turning the pendant just once generates the blessings of chanting a mantra millions of times!
We experience greater peace, calmness and obstacles from our lives start to melt away. Sutras explain that this mantra is so profound it can solve any problem.

Spin the pendant daily imagining white light from the wheel blessing you and helping you remove whatever problems you may be experiencing it

The pendant can be wear around the neck or place in the bag but always in a respectful position above the ground. Do not place pendant on the floor.

Wearing this will bring you protection and attract plenty of good fortune and prosperity luck continuously.

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