Posted May 12, 2020 at 10:16 pm by Bobo Tan

Loan Scheme by Enterprise Singapore


*Loan Schemes by Enterprise Singapore (ESG)*

To help businesses tide over this difficult period, ESG has worked with participating banks to ensure businesses have access to the right financing at lowered interest rate. Beyond that, ESG will share the loan default risk in the event of enterprise insolvency with the participating banks.

Key Information:

*1. Higher Loan Amount:*
– SME Working Capital Loan increased to S$1mil
– Temporary Bridging Loan increased to S$5mil

*2. Maximum Repayment Period:*
SME Working Capital Loan – 5 years
Temporary Bridging Loan – 5 Years

*3. Lowered Interest Rates:*
SME Working Capital Loan – depending on participating banks risk assessment (can be as low as 3% p.a.)
Temporary Bridging Loan – 5% p.a.

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