Posted May 11, 2020 at 3:39 pm by Leon Tho

Keywe Pulse Smartphone Push Pull Lock at $430 Cheapest in SG 96177025

My Digital Lock is selling the KEYWE Pulse Smartphone Push Pull lock at $430 (U.P. $899)
Able to unlock using bluetooth, (WiFI optional, Fingerprint, card, pin and key, / Made in Korea)
You can call me ,Leon 96177025 to purchase or we can arrange mobile showroom to show you the latest digital lock
Besides Digital Lock, we retail Interior Design HDB Main Door, bedroom Door, toilet door and HDB gate
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When you Purchase Samsung Digital Lock , you will receive
1. $50 Discount on EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock
2. $100 Discount on HDB Main Door
3. $50 Discount on HDB Gate
4. $50 Discount on Bedroom Door
5. $50 Discount on PVC Toilet Door
6. $100 Discount on My President Mattress Mattress
After you purchase any of the 6th items, you will receive a digital door viewer for FREE