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Jazz Music
Jazz, the music of Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong.

Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

Lester Young and Chet Baker.

Jazz music originated in the 20th century in the African American communities in New Orleans. It’s inspired by blues and ragtime.

Who invented Jazz?

While some say that jazz was born when Buddy Bolden started his first band in 1895, others beg to differ. There’s a debate that jazz wasn’t ‘jazz’ until 1917, when Nick Laroccas band recorded ‘Livery Stable Blues’.

Where do its roots lie?

Although it was first heard in the alleys of New Orleans but it was heavily influenced by the traditions of Europe and Africa.

The many styles of Jazz

The first jazz music that developed a 100 years back is referred to as hot jazz or Dixie jazz. Other than that there’s Acid Jazz, Avant Gard jazz, Blue note, Contemporary jazz and many other forms that have been developed throughout the years.

The Jazz Age

The jazz age started with the end of the First World War and continued up to 1929 before the great depression set in. By the time jazz age came to an end, jazz music already made its place in the hearts of the American. It lived on as dance music in popular culture.