Posted January 26, 2018 at 8:01 am by Shree Raaman

Hamster chew toy

Hamsters have molars that will constantly grow throughout their lives. If not provided with adequate stimulation for their molars, hamsters will soon find themselves burdened with overgrown teeth that interfere with their ability to eat and drink. In some cases, the molars might even become ingrown.

Our wooden chew toys can prevent such an outcome by providing your hamsters with sufficient gnawing activity that will ensure that their teeth do not become too long. Their fruit and vegetable scented flavors will also be greatly relished by your furry little companions. The wooden chew toys are made from the following ingredients: wood, loofah, willow, corn husk and raffia. All of them are organic and are perfectly safe for your hamster to ingest.

This product will be sold at a discounted price of five dollars apiece to customers who purchase it together with a packet of our dried mealworms. Please visit our shopee page for our complete product range: