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Get Quality Meals while you Stay Home with these Curated Work From Home Bundle Meals for just $50 on Oddle Eats!

Running out of ideas for family or personal meals while staying indoors? Oddle Eats has put together some exclusive Work From Home (WFH) bundle meals for those staying at home. You can now enjoy quality meals in the comforts of your home at just $50! Including brands such as Pan Pacific, Putien, Marche, Wholefish and more!  

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Check out some of the highlights from the WFH offers below and find many other exciting offers on Oddle Eats here from now till 31st October 2021 or whilst stocks last!

  1. Keng Eng Kee 

Keng Eng Kee Seafood started off from a stall in Old Havelock Road Hawker Centre. Upon the demolition of the former Havelock Road Hawker Centre, Keng Eng Kee Seafood shifted to Alexandra Village. Till now, the name had stayed for more than 20 years. They are popular for their Chilli & Black Pepper Crabs, Handmade Hei-Chor (Prawn Rolls), uniquely created Mingzhu Rolls, Wok-toss Moonlight Horfun and Coffee Pork Ribs.

Bundle Details (Perfect for 3-4pax):

  • 29% OFF WFH Bundle at $50 (UP: $70) including the top 4 authentic signature dishes:

o   Coffee Pork Ribs 咖啡排骨

o   Roast Chicken 脆皮烧鸡

o   Hotplate Beancurd 铁板豆腐

o   Chinese Spinach W 3 Eggs 三蛋芫菜 

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. WholeFish

WholeFish procures fish directly from overseas suppliers to ensure that the freshness of their seafood is not compromised. By scaling, deboning, fillet and slice the fish (all vacuum packed) the way you want it. Of course, they have whole fish available for delivery too! They believe that your busy schedule should not be the reason why your family should settle for less. In fact, WholeFish believes that you are working so hard so that you can provide the best. 

WholeFish is collaborating with Beauty in The Pot to offer you this limited edition Steamboat Bundle! This comes with their famed Beauty Collagen Broth. Enjoy Beauty in The Pot in the comfort of your own home during this year-end season.

               Bundle Details (Perfect for 2-4pax):

  • 25% OFF WFH Meal at $50 (UP: $69):

o   Mix & Match Steamboat Bundle (WholeFish x Beauty in the Pot)

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  1. Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific Singapore, serves a theatrical dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Singapore that features the authentic tastes of Singapore, the region and the Pacific Rim. Seven open kitchens create a feast for the senses, as master chefs create a range of delicious cuisines including Singaporean, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Japanese.

Bundle Details (Perfect for 2-3pax):

  • 13% OFF WFH Curated Bundle at $50 (UP: $57+) from the best of Edge’s signature dishes:

o   Char-Grilled Australian Pork Chop: Steeped in a flavourful marinade and char-grilled to perfection. Accompanied with roasted honey pumpkin, corn and lentil de puy and caper mustard sauce.

o   Smokehouse Lemongrass Chicken (Ayam Berempah Salai): This is a rendition of the well-loved Malay delight. The chicken is smoked in-house over German beech wood for 2.5 hours for a crispy, golden brown finish on the outside, and fork-tender flesh on the inside. It comes with roasted rosemary potatoes and a coriander and mint pesto.

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  1. Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel allows you to savour curated culinary signatures from their renowned restaurants. Design your home dining enjoyment with a variety of dishes across different cuisines like Taiwan Porridge delights, Local favourites, Cantonese & Sichuan specialities, Dim Sum, Continental specials and Durian treats!

Bundle Details (Perfect for 2pax):

  • 32% OFF WFH Meal at $50 (UP: $74):

o   Steamed Chicken & Prawn Siew Mai

o   Poached Prawn Dumpling in Spicy Sour Sauce

o   Steamed BBQ Pork Bun

o   Stir Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce

o   Century Egg Congee with Minced Pork x2

o   Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo x2

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  1. Peperoni 

Peperoni serves warm and comfort wood-fired pizzas and traditional pastas over chilled drinks with friends and families. Charming, vivacious and full of life, Peperoni brings together food lovers from all walks of life. All we knead is love!

Bundle Details (Perfect for 2pax):

  • 17% OFF WFH Bundle at $50 (UP: $60) for 4 different dishes:

o   Choose 2 Classico M pizzas (9″) and 2 Classico Antipasto.

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  1. The Plattering Co

The Plattering Co. offers Artisanal, Handcrafted Platters right to your doorstep. They offer Platter Boxes that are good for one for those cheese fans who simply can’t get enough of deliciousness! Smoked Gouda with Herbs and soft, creamy Brie, aptly paired with an array of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and crackers, are all beautifully displayed in a Kraft box.This is a perfect gift to a loved one to celebrate with them, or savour it at home as a gift to yourself.

Platter Box D (1 pax):

  • 17% OFF Platter Box at $50 (UP: $60):

o   One of the best-selling items, the Personal Cheese & Fruit Platter, is now paired with a mini bottle of Bottega Prosecco Brut Gold NV. Enjoy gourmet cheeses complemented with fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts complete with a glass of bubbly.

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  1. Putien       

Putien brand traces its roots to its namesake city of Putian – a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian, with rich cultural history and storied tradition since its settlement over almost one and a half millennium ago. At Putien, they set out with the same values of the Putian people at heart – to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart. And at the heart of it all: Lip-smacking good food made with an unyielding enthusiasm that you can feel in every mouthful.

               WFH Bundle at $49 (Perfect for 2-4pax):

  • Set Meal A

o   Selected Starter

o   Bian Rou Soup

o   Shredded Pork with Sesame Bun (2pcs)

o   Homemade Beancurd

o   Choose 1 from Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee or Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon or Cabbage Rice) 

o   Pearl Barley with Winter Melon

o   Spice Mum Chili Sauce (1bottle)

  • Set Meal B

o   Selected Starter

o   Herbal Tiger Prawn

o   Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees

o   Seasonal Vegetable in Supreme Stock

o   Choose 1 from Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee or Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon or Cabbage Rice) 

o   Pearl Barley with Winter Melon (2bottle)

o   Spice Mum Chili Sauce (1bottle)

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  1. Penang Place 

Penang Place is lauded by the Business Times as “arguably the best Penang Char Kway Teow in town”, indulging in the true taste of Penang with Penang Place. From Authentic Penang Street food (Assam Laksa, Penang Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken, Lobak, Chicken Satay, Chendol, Fried Cempedak) to Peranakan food that’s been cooked to perfection (Beef Rendang, Nyonya Chicken Curry, Ikan Assam Pedas, Kueh Pie Tee, Kueh Kosui, Kueh Lapis, Pulut Tai Tai), there’s something here for everyone!

WFH Bundle at $50 (Perfect for 2-3pax):

  • Fish Curry Bundle Details:

o   Fresh Red Snapper (Whole Fish) in Gulai Assam Curry

o   2 Steamed White Rice

o   Vegetables of the Day

o   Refreshing slices of Watermelon

o   2 servings of Pulut Hitam. 

Only available from Thurs-Sun, limited quantity available.

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, a luxury 5-star hotel located along Orchard Boulevard featuring indulging amenities like Michelin starred dining. They serve a wide range of variety from authentic dim sums or Peking Duck – roasted in a mesquite-wood–fired oven and served with caviar. Award-winning Cantonese restaurant, Jiang-Nan Chun, serves delightful Provençal cuisine with an Asian twist, absolutely amazing for your taste palette.

            10% OFF WFH Curated Meals at $48 (UP: $56):

  • 2 Course Bundle

o   Main/Local + Starter or Dessert

            10% OFF WFH Curated Meals at $50 (UP: $56):

  • 3 Course Bundle

o   Main/Local + Starter + Dessert

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Kazbar

Kazbar is a Middle-Eastern Bar and Restaurant that serves up an authentic menu that presents you with a true taste of the Middle East, offering a wide selection of mouth-watering Mezze and main courses. All their dishes are freshly prepared to order and served to the highest standards. For the curious, the adventurous and those searching for a sanctuary to restore while embracing the kazbar experience, trust the team will take care of you.

            Bundle Details (Perfect for 1-2pax):

  • 13% OFF WFH Curated Meal at $50 (UP: $57+) including the top 3 authentic signature dishes:

o   Hummus (160 gms)

o   Fattoush Salad

o   Mix Kofta Kebab with Saffon Rice (chicken and lamb)

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Shinsen

Shinsen Fresh Online Grocer is an online-based Japanese grocery platform dedicated to making fresh-quality produce convenient and accessible to Singaporeans. They have products range from gourmet meats imported from the U.S. and Australia, fresh selection of fish imported from Japan, cooking essentials and more. Shinsen is proud to be the official supplier of high-quality produce to renowned Japanese restaurants in Singapore, bringing the best to the table for their customers. Let them empower you in your home cooking journey today.

               Bundle Details (Perfect for 4pax):

  • 20% OFF WFH Ready-to-Eat Meal at $49.90 (UP: $63) including 5 best selling dishes:

o   Mega Beef Bowl (Gyudon) x2 

o   Japanese Chicken Collagen Soup x2 

o   Chuka Szechuan Chicken in Spicy Broth x2

o   Buta Kakuni (Japanese Braised Pork Belly) x1

o   Pan fried Teriyaki Chicken Leg x1

               Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Marche Movenpick

Marche serves up homemade swiss marketplace cuisine for around 35 years. They’ve been celebrating fresh market cuisine with homemade dishes prepared with care from seasonal and local ingredients. Be sure to indulge in a fresh gastronomy journey with Marche!

               Bundle Details (Perfect for 4-6pax):

  • 30% OFF WFH Meal at $50 (UP: $70+) including their bestselling dishes:

o   Schnitzel Sandwich

o   Roasted Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

o   Prosciutto Sandwich

o   Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich

o   Rye Baguette With Cream Cheese & Havarti Cheese

o   Salad Bowl

o   Cookie Gift Box

o   Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade x4

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Socieaty 

Socieaty, a community of people eating together. A compound word combining “society” and “eat”. Forging an identity of  togetherness, enjoyment & friendship over food.

Socieaty is the new multi-concept restaurant by Les Amis Group, featuring the best of the group’s favourite offerings, all under one roof. A place where diners can look forward to mixing and matching their cuisines.

               Bundle Details (Perfect for 2-3pax):

  • 26% OFF WFH Meal at $50 (UP: $68):

o   Choice of Two Side Dish

o   Choice of One Antipasto

o   Choice of One Congee

o   Choice of One Large Classico Pizza

o   Complimentary 2 canned Coke Zero

Order on Oddle Eats here now: 


  1. Victor’s Kitchen      

Victor’s Kitchen serves exquisite Hong Kong-style dimsum in a friendly kopitiam setting. Their chief chef, a Hong Kong transplant, moved to Singapore over 10 years ago with the intention of bringing authentic dimsum to our shores. He was previously a chef in Victoria Hotel, a five-star hotel in Hong Kong. Over the years, he has carefully incorporated his award-winning recipes in their wide variety of menu options, which have been taste-tasted and consistently endorsed by their regular customers, magazine reviewers, gastronomies and even local celebrities.

               Bundle Details (Perfect for 4pax):

  • 26% OFF WFH Meal at $50 (UP: $68+):

o   Chicken Lup Cheong Lor Mai Kai 干贝蛋黄腊味珍珠糯米鸡

o   Victor’s King Prawn Dumplings (4 pcs) 超级虾饺皇

o   Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai (4 pcs) 美味蟹黄烧卖

o   Scallop Lup Cheong Carrot Cake with XO Sauce XO酱干贝腊味蒸萝卜糕

o   HK-Style “Ting Zai” Porridge 荔湾艇仔粥

o   Crispy Golden Shrimp Rolls 香脆鲜虾腐皮卷

o   Prawn Spinach Dumplings 鲜虾菠菜饺

o   Egg Tarts (4 pcs) 黄金蛋挞  

o   Char Siew “Bo Lo” Butter Buns (2 pcs) 菠萝蜜汁叉烧包

  • Choose any 4 of the following:

o   HK Summer Iced Milk Tea 香港夏日冰镇奶茶

o   HK Iced Lemonade 港式冰柠檬水

o   HK-Style Summer Iced Ying Yang 香港夏日冰镇鸳鸯

o   Authentic Stocking Hot Milk Tea 正宗丝袜热奶茶

o   100% HK-Style Hot Ying Yang 香港特色热鸳鸯

o   HK Style Hot Lemonade 香港式热柠檬水

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