Posted June 19, 2020 at 10:26 am by Bobo Tan

Fresh durian


Packing in 555g box :
黑刺 Black thorn $48
皇上皇。 WSW. $48
猫山王。 MSW $40
金凤。 JF. $40
黑珍珠。 Black Pearl $40
S17. $30
XO. $30
D13. $22

Min 3 boxes order, Free Delivery

Details need to provide:
– Contact
– Name
– Address
– Type of durian
– Number of Box To Order

Min One day pre-order
Delivery Timing Is From: -7.30pm-10.45pm

We Only On The Spot Deshell At Evening Time And Fresh Pack Straight )

– Once Order Make
– Payment To Paynow to 94574732
– After Paynow Must WhatsApp A Photo Of Copy Shown Payment Done With Name indicated.

WhatsApp to order now!

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