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Fonglian Meditation Course

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Teacher Fonglian
Meditation energy healer
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[Are you still breathing? 】

Funny😡 Of course I still breathe… Otherwise I would have…

Yes, most people know that they still breathe… But every time they encounter problems in life, tension, stress, fear, or unhappiness, they forget their breath 😫😫…

I’m always holding my breath, making my body very tight, stiff, shoulders squeezed, stomach twitching and uncomfortable… It’s these signs that appear to remind you to relax your mind and body. …But how many people will really relax?

Through meditation practice, give yourself a chance to find inner peace and happiness, regain your own strength, and dominate your own life.

You are welcome to enjoy a meditation journey with your family and friends💕💕💕

FL Meditation Workshop 6.0 +session conduct in Chinese Language)
Topic: Clean up the inner trash
Date: 27/11/2021 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Location: online teaching (zoom)

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