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FL 冥想工作坊6.0

❤️ 感动,开心,窝心,暖心,疗愈,悲情,信任,爱心。。。。太多太多的爱在这一次的工作坊。

上完5.0, 就一直持续做早晨冥想。 从睡到很晚,到现在可以早起。 从容易生气到现在可以感觉到生气的起伏变化。人也开朗活泼可爱回来了!🤭 告诉自己这一次6.0 一定要让自己再上课。

当 Fong Lian 老师一开视频,那种仿佛见到好久不见的亲人的感觉很喜悦。很开心还能再见面, 就差不能抱抱老师啦!可是有在视频摸摸这个妹妹,这个老师的头,sayang sayang疼惜一下她的大爱❤️🥰 老师,要长长出现在视频哦。

这一次,老师经过了21天的静修闭关是元气满满的。精神焕发,爱心满满,力量饱满。智慧充满。新的呼吸法教学。 新的体验。很生活化,很入内心的一个课程。

眼泪和汗水融为一体。 傻傻分不清了。看到自己,原谅自己,关爱自己,是很多人都忘记的事。谢谢老师让我看到我是优秀的,我是很棒的。❤️


相信老师,相信自己。我们一起手牵着手走下去。老师,你很棒!!! 加油⛽

课程完后,我们几个都不放过老师,继续聊天。时间从11pm, 然后倒数12am….然后我们越讲越兴奋。没有睡意。继续把心打开。继续感动哭泣。 再来就搞笑行动。 开怀大笑。 想知道我们几点下线吗?🤭 来,报名上下一堂的课吧。。。期待7.0….

PS: 虽然只睡几个小时,今天我们旧学员还是准时6am 报道早晨冥想哦🧘🥰

期待和老师还有其他同学能够实体面对面见面的一天。。。 一群好像原本就认识彼此但现在才相遇的家人们。


凮莲能量空间 FL Energy Space
FL Energy Space

FL Meditation Workshop 6.0
Clean up the inner garbage.

❤️ Moved, happy, heart-warming, heart-warming, healing, sadness, trust, love. . . . Too much love in this workshop.

After finishing 5.0, I continued to do morning meditation. From sleeping till late, you can get up early now. From getting angry easily to now, I can feel the ups and downs of anger. People are also cheerful, lively and cute! 🤭 Tell yourself that this time 6.0 must let yourself go to class again.

When Teacher Fong Lian opened the video, I felt very happy as if I had seen a family member whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. I’m very happy to see each other again, I just can’t hug the teacher! But when I touched the head of this sister and the teacher in the video, sayang sayang pampered her love ❤️ Teacher, please show up in the video for a long time.

This time, the teacher is full of vitality after 21 days of retreat. Rejuvenated, full of love, full of strength. Wisdom is full. New breathing method teaching. New experience. It’s a very life-oriented and immersive course.

Tears and sweat merge into one. Stupidly confused. Seeing yourself, forgiving yourself, and caring for yourself are things that many people forget. Thank you teacher for letting me see that I am excellent and I am great. ❤️

The experiences and experiences behind each of us have something in common, and we are looking for an answer deep in our hearts. So we were drawn to meet each other by attraction. Be destined to study together and make progress together.

Trust the teacher, believe in yourself. We walked down holding hands together. Teacher, you are great! ! ! Come on⛽

After the course, none of us let the teacher go and continued to chat. The time starts from 11pm, then counts down to 12am… and then we get more excited as we talk. Not sleepy. Keep opening your heart. Continue to be moved and cry. Come and act funny again. Laugh heartily. Want to know when we go offline? 🤭 Come, sign up for the next class. . . Looking forward to 7.0….

PS: Although we only slept for a few hours, today our old students still reported morning meditation at 6am on time.🧘

I look forward to a day when I can physically meet with teachers and other students. . . A group of family members who seem to know each other before but now meet each other.

May the teacher continue to work hard and continue to help more lives.

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FL Energy Space FL Energy Space
FL Energy Space


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