Posted June 11, 2021 at 11:35 am by jeff chua

Epic 5G with Epic 6G Pro only at $949 call 84272766 Jeff

+65 8427 2766 Jeff for more Details and Information!!

Suitable for all HDB & Condo’s maindoor and maingate!!

1. Unlock using Bluetooth (keywe app)
2. Unlock using Wi-Fi or 4G with using wifi-bridge at $50
3. Fingerprint (Up to 100)
4. RFID Card (Up to 30)
5. Pin

❤5 Methods of Unlock from inside❤
1. Remote Control
2. Mechanical Key
3. Scan Fingerprint (Exclusive)
4. Use Bluetooth
5. Use Wi-Fi (with $50 Wi-Fi bridge)

Now you can unlock both digital lock with just using one finger

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