Posted June 14, 2020 at 1:02 pm by mydigitallock

EPIC 24K Gold Plated Dual Fingerprint Gate Digital Lock $788 (Luxurious) Hp: 88164080

This is Darren from My Digital Lock; we are selling Epic Smartphone Digital Lock for HDB Door / Gate at Lowest price in Singapore
The EPIC 6G Dual Fingerprint Digital lock allows you to enter and leaves your HDB Gate by scanning fingerprint
All EPIC digital lock comes with 1+2 Year warranty & Able to unlock using mobile App(Bluetooth/WI-FI)
Call me at 88164080
We can arrange mobile showroom to show you the latest digital lock with HDB main door, bedroom door and gate design for 2020
Otherwise call me to book an appointment at our showroom =) Latest 6G Digital Lock For Gate
Access your house using six methods
1) Pin
2) Card (up to 30 cards can be registered)
3) Fingerprint (up to 100 fingerprints can be registered)
4) Mechanical Key
5) Mobile App via Bluetooth
6) Mobile App via Wifi***
***Only available if you purchase a wifi bridge
Leave your house using four methods
1) Fingerprint (exclusive to My Digital Lock)(New) *****
2) Mechanical Key
3) Mobile App via Bluetooth
4) Mobile App via Wifi ***
When you Purchase Samsung or EPIC Digital Lock, you will receive
1. $50 Discount on EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock
2. $100 Discount on HDB Main Door
3. $50 Discount on HDB Gate
4. $50 Discount on Bedroom Door
5. $50 Discount on PVC Toilet Door
6. $100 Discount on My President Mattress Mattress
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