Posted October 18, 2019 at 7:38 am by Qing Zheng

Direct Factory SPC / Vinyl

Direct From Factory

Features of Nano Sliver Antibacterial Wear-resistance  6.5mm SPC Flooring 

100% Virgin Materials. (1.5mm IXPE with 0.5mm Wear Layer)

Our click vinyl plank SPC flooring is made from virgin material and goes through a production process that requires less energy for manufacture and releases lower emissions to the environment. 6.5mm SPC Flooring

Fast and simple installation

Our click vinyl plank SPC flooring are very strong and can be installed much faster than traditional click systems.

Super silent floor

Our click vinyl plank SPC flooring has excellent noise reduction properties and is up to 50% more silent than any other LVT floor. 

It produces a soft sound when walked on and reduces the transmission of sound to the rooms below, making it the ideal floor for apartments, for example.

100% waterproof

Its ideal for installation in your kitchen.

Easy to clean

Our click vinyl planks are very low maintenance.

Comfort & warm touch

The vinyl floors have good heat conduction, which makes them an ideal match for homes.