wealth creation
wealth creation
Posted October 28, 2021 at 10:12 am by rogerteo76

Are you looking for good investment, giving 10% fix interest income per annum?

Hi value investor,

Allow me to share with you that you don’t really need to risk buying a problematic business, pay their rent and take over their spoilt equipment, and pay their unmotivated employees, etc. Let me share with you a low-capital and low-medium risk alternative product instead. Please see below:

I am helping to raise funds for a micro-financing (secured debt financing) business. They are offering a fixed interest income of 2.5% per quarter (Total: 10% per annum). They have many years of good track records. Raising funds is just part of their business model. This company is already doing financially well, without extra funds.

They are supporting many Social enterprises with their funds too. They have good presences in emerging markets and they are still multi-diversifying, expanding their footprints in the Asia market.

If you are keen to know about this company, its micro-financing model, how your investment can generate passive income steadily, and how you can participate, please call/whatsapp Roger Teo at 84886736 for a non-obligatory appointment/ through Zoom to discuss.