Alkaline water filtration system
alkaline water filtration system
Posted November 6, 2021 at 5:27 am by rogerteo76

Answer 3 question to claim your free water filtration system

Just answer these 3 questions to claim your free Alkaline water filtration system.  T&C applies: The system is absolutely free but the installation cost is $88 which has to be borne by you).

Please WhatsApp: KT @ 84886736 only if you are “yes” to all 3 questions below:


  1. Will you like to own a single premium product, 12 months maturity with a 10% per annum, fixed return, capital protected?  (Yes/No)
  2. Are you able to invest a minimum of $20,000? (Yes/No)
  3. Will you like to claim the Alkaline water system and its installation – FREE? (Yes/No)

If you are “Yes” to all 3 questions above, please WhatsApp the following details to KT @ 84886736. KT will contact you shortly.

Please  cut and paste WhatsApp message as follows:

I saw your ad in SG lobang club, please contact me for lesser than or 12 months, 10% per annum,  fixed dividend returns product’s details and I will like to claim my alkaline filtration system.    (your  name) and (Mobile number to contact for installation)

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