Posted September 25, 2018 at 6:37 pm by SU.LIM

Advertise Directly into China $25.00 for 25 Listings

Good Afternoon to All , This month of September we have now sold 22 properties Worldwide ,that’s more than 1 per day.

Our Buyer Advocates & Office staff are finding it hard to keep up with the demand of our clients seeking Residential and  Investment properties.

Please remember our Clients pay the Commission and Expenses on any property we sell them.

We have now over 204 Associated Real Estate Agents throughout China and it Provinces all working together to achieve the best result for their Clients and a Sale of your property.

Today our Senior Management have had a Meeting here in Shanghai with all the staff and from the feedback they have received from the staff on their search for quality Properties Worldwide they have decided to drop the Listing Package for Properties on our website to seek more quality properties from around the World .

The Agents Package which includes 25 Listings for $120.00 now can be purchased for $25.00 ,that’s 1 listing @$1.00 for 6 months Via PayPal.

Our nearest Competitor charges you the same Package  $550.00 for 3 months

This will take effect later today but to be sure 20st September 2018 until the  end of the month September 2018 or until the demand slows down

You will still have 1 Feature Photo and up to 20 Photos per Listing.

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