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Everybody deserves a massage!

Having a tough week and craving for something relaxing? You are one massage away from a good mood. Just 1 simple message and White Lily will bring the ultimate spa experience right into the comfort of your own home! ✅ We Come To You Your professional therapist arrives with a massage table / footstool, sheets, essential

Wellness Beauty Lobang – Lilian

Name- Lilian Lim Hp – 83997946 / 91825879 Website or page link – Instagram – essentiallyyourswithlove what Lobang you offer – Essential oils for the young and the old. Benefit us in our daily life from beauty to a positive mindset. Support #sglobangclub friend  

Ameo essential oils

1 BOTTLE OF AMÉO TRUE LAVENDER OIL (15 ML) S$42.25 Whatsapp 94574732 to order. DESCRIPTION Known as one of nature’s most fragrant and versatile oils,True Lavender offers a wide array of aromatic, topical and internal uses. It also plays well with others, combining flawlessly with almost all oils including Lemon, Peppermint, Orange, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Bergamot

Eye patch

Sold!!!! 1 big 1 small box. Come experience yourself!!! 卖了卖了一大盒和一小盒!!!! 来亲自体验吧!!! Whatsapp to 94574732 “❇️ 眼贴小,作用大! ➡️ 黄金视力眼贴: 羚锐研发、专家认可、 人寿担保、价格统一。 适用于:✔️近视✔️远视✔️弱视✔️眼干涩✔️流泪✔️视物模糊✔️老花眼✔️飞蚊症✔️白内障✔️黄斑病变✔️青光眼✔️眼袋✔️黑眼圈等 电脑手机的时代视疲劳最佳好帮手 一般情况: 一帖马上缓解视疲劳眼睛舒服, 一盒逆转眼疾看到希望, 三盒缓解症状带来惊喜, 外用产品安全无副作用。 只要你每天2~3次坚持使用,疗效确切可见。 ❇️ A small eye patch; with a big role! ➡ ️ Huang Jin Shi Li Eye Patch: Ling Rui research and development, experts recognized, life guarantee, price