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Therahertz necklace

  📌📌 太赫兹项链!!📌📌 闪闪发亮的💯真货….容易配搭衣服! 针对疼痛特别有效。 戴在颈项..特别收益的身体部分应该就是肩旁部分,手臂! 太赫兹石能够帮助加速血液循环和促进新陈代谢,清除体内有害物质。促进血液循环,减酸痛等。。 很多顾客反馈说这手链功效真的很好。 很多水晶是不建议带着睡觉,但太赫兹石却可以! 现货不多,因为已经有好多顾客已预定.. Price : SGD23/- 一串 Approx: 45cm 需要手串的顾客,请PM 或 Whatsapp to 👌🏻😄 94574732 名字Your name/电话hp/产品名称what item name/数量how many PC’s/地址your address to mail, 普通免费邮费free postage if normal mail/ paynow or paylah to 94574732 with the statement收据 📌📌 Terahertz necklace! !! 📌📌 Shiny real 💯 …. easy

Everybody deserves a massage!

Having a tough week and craving for something relaxing? You are one massage away from a good mood. Just 1 simple message and White Lily will bring the ultimate spa experience right into the comfort of your own home! ✅ We Come To You Your professional therapist arrives with a massage table / footstool, sheets, essential