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Golden Eye Patch

Golden eye patch 黄金视力眼贴 Like and share the page “问:什么人可以用? 答:baby ~到老年人,眼睛不舒服者就可以用。 ☆ 刚出生宝宝眼屎多堵塞,可以贴上5分钟(注意宝宝反应)疏通时会辣辣冰冰。别让baby 太难受 😅 ☆ 老人白内障,飞蚊症也可以贴,随时可以贴 Q: Who can use Golden Vision Eyes Patch? A: Golden Vison Eyes Patch can be used by all ~ from baby to elderly. As long as those who have uncomfortable eyes conditions can use, new born