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Simply Peranakan Cuisine

Food lobang Dear friends! Thank you for this channel to share, encourage & support each other for a better tomorrow. We are a humble, Peranakan cuisine/private kitchen located behind Orchard Road. Ever since Covid-19, being far from residential areas means our foot traffic became zero & it caused us a lot of distress & stress

Food X Wine Delivery

Too busy to cook? Lazy to get food?  Fear not, we have partnered with some of the most authentic restaurants and paired together with our fine wines right to your doorstep! Click below to see what we have lined up for you.

Food, Drinks, Desserts Promotions

Food, Drinks, Desserts Promotions from Maxwell Food Centre Stall. Call 97592300 to order!!

Eatigo -Earn $5 by refer a friend

Get $5 rewards for your 1st attended reservation with Eatigo when you download the app from my link or sign up with my referral code ‘eatiin4t’   Restaurant, cafe, nice food in Singapore Hungy go where