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Vyvo Watch Blockchain Enable

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Emerald Dragon Tortoise 翡翠龙头龟

翡翠龙头龟 退避小人 :国家公务员、公司职员、企事业行政人员贴身佩戴龙头龟或把龙头龟摆放在办公桌上,可起到一个催升官加爵、招贵人、退避小人的功效; 催健康长寿:在老人的卧室里摆放一个龙头龟摆件,可催健康、长寿;摆放时,龙头龟的龙头必须对着窗外); 化煞招财 :龙头龟有化煞功能,“要想发,斗三煞”.例如:2006年正北方三煞星飞到,可在正北方摆放一个龙头龟来斗三煞,起到化煞、招财作用。 荣归故里 :由于“龙龟”与“荣归”同音,龙头龟也代表“衣锦还乡,荣归故里”。 财源广进 :出外打拼的“出外人”,或每日要面对业绩压力的业务人员,也可助业绩蒸蒸日上,财源广进,荣誉归来。 辟邪镇小人:经商做生意人大都在屋内摆放龙头龟摆件,有旺财化煞之功效,祈福如意,在生意场上有辟邪、镇小人、防被骗的功能。 Whatsapp to 94574732 to order $38/pcs Normal post $1.00+ Smartpac $3.20 Meetup = Bukit Panjang Hillion Mall or Raffles Place MRT only   Emerald Dragon Tortoise Retreat villain: National civil servants, company employees, enterprises and administrative staff wear the leading turtles or put the

GenM® 2 Minute Miracle Gel

GenM® 2 Minute Miracle Gel is a clinically proven 7-in-1 multitasking topical product that harnesses powerful ingredients. It gently renews skin without any grains, abrasives, or acids leaving skin smooth, soft, and glowing—all in just 2 minutes. Includes: 1 jar of GenM 2 Minute Miracle Gel (1.7 oz) S$81.90 Testing pack $3 per pkt SUGGESTED

Weilaiya Hair and Body Care Products

Weilaiya Hair and Body Care Products   Ginger Moist Washing Suit S$38/set   Ginger Washing Suit S$38/set   Volcanic Mud Gold Hair Film S$38/btl   Cavier Essense Frangrance Bath Form S$25/set   Charm And Tentation Frangrance Body Lotion S$25/btl   Whatsapp your name / hp/ type of order / how many set or bottle to

Wellness Beauty Lobang – Ginger

Contact : Issac Choo Hp: 8722 2648 采用全天然食材配方,纯手工制造,古方疏通血管姜醋。批发+零售 欢迎全马各地来订购。附有精美纸袋包装。 古方疏通血管秘方 ☞姜醋和银蜂蜜姜醋是采用天然材料制成,结合了文东姜,大蒜,柠檬,苹果醋和蜜糖的益处来改善我们的健康,预防疾病的到来,达到保健的功效。 ginger vinegar is formulated from healthy plant foods like ginger,garlic,lemon,apple cidar vinegar and honey to improve our health and prevention of illness… 姜醋/银蜂蜜姜醋有助于👇👇👇benefits ✔预防心血管堵塞 prevention of cardiovescular blockage ✔改善心脏健康 help improve heart health ✔降低胆固醇 lower cholesterol ✔改善便秘问题 improve constipation and bowel regularity ✔减少手脚麻痹 reduce

Wellness Beauty Lobang – Lilian

Name- Lilian Lim Hp – 83997946 / 91825879 Website or page link – Instagram – essentiallyyourswithlove what Lobang you offer – Essential oils for the young and the old. Benefit us in our daily life from beauty to a positive mindset. Support #sglobangclub friend  

Wellness Beauty Lobang – Believes

Name : Dino Contact : 81523190 Health organic products Website : We provide health organic products. 100% organic! * Moringa seeds * Capsule n oil * Curcumin turmeric powder and capsule * Sacha inchi oil And others Support #sglobangclub friend   Name : Dino Contact : 81523190Health organic productsWebsite : Beelives.orgWe provide health organic

Fave App to get discount

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Gracious Reading

Lake Of My Heart Contemporary romance fiction Ebook and print available She fails her university entrance tests. She blames it on romance. She is a senior high school student. She chucks out all her male friends including the man of her dreams Trevor. He tries to understand her. She is beautiful and educated. She has