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It is time to start planning the COVID-19 Recovery!

  It is time to start planning the COVID-19 Recovery! While many are still in the response phase, learning from the past disasters that the sooner you initiate the #covid19 #recovery #planning process, the sooner you put your #organization back on its feet, be #functional, and #productive. Don’t wait to start! [email protected] Now! We will

Salon Management System

  *Introducing our Salon Management System – SG* Our system is alot easier and comfortable to use. Hence, it does provide manageable features for staff to service your customers in terms of billing, packages, inventory and promotions at any point in time. Look through the details below: *Value-Added Services*; ✅ With basic Implementations (of membership

Accounting Service for SME

    Hello! Due to COVID period, many are cutting down regular operating expenses. If you are exploring for new or planning to change accountant do let me know to link you up. Prices are good at this period to help SME defray operating cost and have price matching to beat down 5-10% of existing

Sginstamommies Product and Service

*Description* Are you a mother looking for 😻great deals and recommended 👍🏻 products and services? Look no further! Welcome to a website where Singapore’s micro influencer mommies 💁🏻‍♀️🤰🏻🤱🏻from share good deals. Get a discount code from any of the mommies at this exclusive page so u can get those products and services at discounts!

Refer a Transfer FDW Today!

  Refer a Transfer FDW Today! Be rewarded through your referrals! You can reach out to your friends who may wish to transfer away their *Foreign Domestic Workers (‘FDW’) due to various reasons (i.e. loss of income/ employment, kid(s) are grown up, elderly passed away, alternative care arrangements, migrating etc). ​ To thank you for

Epic Shine Fingerprint (6in1) Digital Lock (Bluetooth / WI-FI) $699 hp93919772

This is Serena from My Digital Lock; we are selling Epic Smartphone Digital Lock for HDB Door / Gate at Lowest price in Singapore We are having a promotion on the first mirror finishing mortise digital lock that is unique in the market All EPIC digital lock comes with 1+2 Year warranty & Visit

Epic Gold Card Gate Digital Lock and N_Touch Digital Lock at $499 (U.P. $589)(Made in Korea) HP: 92220659 Paul

My Digital Lock is selling Epic Gold Card Gate Digital Lock and N_Touch Digital Lock at $499 (U.P. $589)(Made in Korea) You can call Paul 92220659 Besides Digital Lock, we retail Interior Design HDB Main Door, bedroom Door, toilet door and HDB gate Visit our website or facebook page for the latest promotion When you Purchase

Epic Gold Card Gate Digital Lock Promotion (6 months) $300 on HDB/Condo Gate HP: 92220659 Paul

HP: 92220659 Paul from My Digital Lock Wanna get a simple and nice design HDB gate digital lock during this circuit Breaker? Now we can deliver to you at $300 only For the EPIC Satin Gold Gate Lock You can unlock using card, pin at the front And Key and card from the back of